International Certificate of Competence

The ICC is a useful certificate to have as many countries, including Spain and Mallorca, require you to hold a certificate of competence when chartering a yacht and the ICC will generally be accepted where proof of competence is required.

Getting your ICC can be quick and simple and will allow you to enjoy the freedom of bareboat yachting and flotilla sailing in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean. So, if you are planning to sail or cruise within Europe and the Mediterranean it is a good idea for skippers to hold the International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

You can take a practical assessment at an RYA Training Centre authorised to carry out ICC assessments. The syllabus is outlined in the ICC application form. The test lasts approximately half a day to a day and can be taken on your own boat or one provided by a school or club.


The test includes; questions on safety, collision avoidance and for coastal waters; navigation and piloting. If you have no knowledge of navigation or collision regulations then you can arrange for 1-2 days of intensive shore based tuition. If you already have knowledge of navigation, collision regulations and basic boat handling the simplest way to achieve your ICC is to attend a 1 or 2 day assessment course (depending on skill level) or book a day of own boat tuition.

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